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    Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek helps clients find a better future through law. From collaborative divorce and mediation to family law and corporate law, the attorneys at Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek have the capacity to litigate a variety of cases. Schedule a consultation today!

  • Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek are Bozeman's premier family law practice!

    Our divorce lawyers use techniques such as mediation and collaborative divorce law to help clients reach agreements on child custody cases, temporary and permanent spousal support, post-divorce custody and support modifications, marital property division and a variety of other types of family litigation in Bozeman, MT.

  • Find out why partnering is the best way to part.

    The divorce lawyers at Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek are one of two certified for collaborative divorce in Montana. Collaborative divorce is not only less expensive than traditional divorce, but also gives you more of a voice in the result! Contact collaborative divorce experts today to discuss your unique needs!

  • Mediation through Divorce Litigation and Family Law in Bozeman

    There are many benefits to choosing a course of mediation with the lawyers of Bozeman’s Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek. Mediation puts you in control of your divorce. You and your spouse know your family and fully understand the complexity of your unique situation better than a judge.

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The attorneys at Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek will help you reach the end goal that you are envisioning. Click here for more information on our firm.

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The lawyers at Bozeman's Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek are legal experts in a variety of areas of law: collaborative family law, dissolution, mediation, corporate law and financial transactions.

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Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek, MT
Collaborative Family Law and Dissolution, Corporate Law, Financial Transactions and More!

Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek believes that there is a better way for dissolution of marriage other than traditional divorce court. While our divorce lawyers are successful in divorce court, we also provide collaborative divorce and mediation for our clients.

Bozeman’s top legal team at Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek, our well versed in a wide variety of cases and areas of law. Our experienced team will create a specific and unique course of action that meets your particular needs. We understand that each case is not only unique, but complex and requires an eye for detail that our attorneys can provide, whether in mediation or litigation.



Not only are we experienced in family law and litigation in Bozeman, MT, but the legal team of Brown, Dinwiddie and Mazurek is in business for your business. We are Bozeman’s premier legal team for corporate law and financial transactions—we want to see Bozeman businesses continue to grow and prosper!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique needs! We know that each case is unique and specific, and we look forward to working with you!



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